Exclusive Interview With Ibali

In an exclusive interview with Spinex Music, Cameroonian songwriter and singer Ibali, who recently released his new single “Revelation“ fielded questions from us regarding his music career and his new single Revelation.

IBALI is an established act in Cameroon, having previously performed under the name ‘Dolly Pearl’ collaborating with other big named artists such as Magasco, Blaise Bsing and Richard Kings. More recently IBALI was named ‘The Messiah of Cameroonian Music’ by the Cameroon DJ’s Association along with the support of The Guardian Post, Resonance FM and BOOM TV.

The multi-talented artiste will be launching a cultural centre in Bamenda later this year that is designed in promoting local music, arts, African gastronomy and culture.Check out the interview below and be sure to stream “Revelation” by Ibali beneath.


1. Tell us a little bit about your new single ‘revelation’ and what motivated you to write Revelation?

My experiences as an African youth motivated me to tell the story to the world. Revelation is the 3rd Single from my upcoming Album “Prophetic” . This track depicts the reality of bad governance across Africa with poor health care, Infrastructure and educational systems to name a few. This track is a Trumpet call for the youth of Africa to rise up and stand for their right to define their future

2. Cameroon DJ’s Association recently named you ‘The Messiah of Cameroonian Music’. How do You feel about that?

It feels good to know that my music is impacting the society positively. It is not about the tittle, but the Motive behind the title that gives me joy.

3. You intend creating a cultural centre in Bamenda later this year that is designed in promoting local music, arts, African gastronomy and culture. What’s the rationale behind this?

There is Rapid Erosion of Cultural Values in the African Society. The culture of a people is Their identity and they are nothing without it. It is their underlying distinguishing factor from other Peoples and cultures, so it is important to preserve the African culture and reinstate the lost ones. So”Ataindum Shrine” which is the cultural center if highly aimed at preserving the African culture so the African people can truly reflect who they are.

4. Revelation is no doubt a very good song. Were they challenges you faced at the course of Recording and releasing this song?

In my early days of recording music, i faced a lot of challenges but right now everything is smooth as i Have everything set in place. There’s the Wulibali fully energetic and always ready to record with me. Also having a reputable Music Pr by my side “Mastermind Promotion” has made the release of Revelation pretty smooth as well.

5. What’s next for you? Do you have any upcoming project that you may wish to share with us?

Yes. I’ll be releasing another music video pretty soon after which my album date will be announced. The album is set for release later this year as well. Also i am currently constructing a Cultural center in Bamenda which will go operational later this year as well.

6. What makes Revelation different from other songs that you’ve released so far?

Revelation is that one song that tells a story of almost everything Ibali stands for. It tells the complete Story of where i come from ( Africa ), what i stand for ( Peace and Justice, Truth, Love, Freedom and Growth for a better world).

7. Your Debut Album “Prophetic” is scheduled to be released this year. What should your fans Expect from the album?

This album is more of a documentary on Africa. It also contains songs of hope and love. Fans should Expect serious Afrobeat and world music. Both hot and cold tempo music.

8. you created Wuli’bali Band in 2017.How has this live music band impacted your career so far?

The Wulibali band has thought me what true love is all about. It has showed me what we can achieve Working together as 1 people. Playing with the Wulibali band has given me the opportunity to express Myself on another spiritual level. I share true ancestral african energy each time i play with the Wulibali Band.

9. Which African artiste do you intend collaborating with anytime soon?

I would be excited working with Richard bona, Angélique Kidjo, Wizkid and Burna Boy.

10. As an artist what’s the biggest misconception that people have about you?

People always have different misconceptions at every given point in time but there’s none that has been an issue to worry about.


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