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Exclusive Interview With Kevin Chung

Talented and naturally endowed with a good vocal Kevin Chung, has obtained an ever-growing fan base for his pattern of perfect indie-pop.Based in Atlanta, the Korean-American singer-songwriter has always bore a deep passion for music and his brand new single Friends to Lovers is a clear a evidence to this.A song that was destined to be played on a long drive with the windows rolled down, Kevin Chung captures the essence of romance on his beautiful new track ‘Friends to Lovers’.

However, his artistic journey has seen him go viral on TikTok, as well as having a string of success with his previous releases ‘1000X’ and ‘Finally Came Around’, which both have over 400,000 Spotify streams respectively. In an exclusive interview with Spinex Music Kevin Chung, gave us a detailed information about his new single Friends to Lovers and his music career in general.Check out the interview beneath.


Your previous releases 1000X’ and ‘Finally Came Around’, both had over  400,000 Spotify streams respectively. How do you feel about this great feat?

I was surprised at how both of them did. “Finally Came Around” was my first release as an artist and I remember thinking I’d be satisfied if I broke <1000. For “1000x”, I had zero expectations on how well it would do as it was just a cover that my friends had asked me to upload. I’m super grateful for the love that both the songs are receiving.

You have a melodious voice which is obvious to notice in your new song  ‘Friends to Lovers’. Could you please tell us the secret behind your good  voice?

I wouldn’t say there’s a secret, but I’d say there’s a defining moment in which I started to accept and love my voice for what it is, and that’s when it started to blossom. 

What inspired your new single ‘Friends to Lovers?’ 

Everyone has memories that they cherish and hold onto, and in this particular song, I wanted to capture what it’s like to hold shared memories with someone who used to be special. It’s a longing to go back to those days.

As a Korean-American, what can you pinpoint as the major difference  between Korean and American music industry and their style of music?  

The American music industry is generally more diverse. If we look at the mass of American artists, they cover a wide variety of styles and genres, however the Korean music industry is more K-Pop and Korean ballad heavy. 

What are your long-term career goals as an upcoming artiste? 

My long term career goals as an artist is to do music as long as I can. Even if I’m not performing, I’d want to stay involved with music- whether that’s songwriting, joining the music business, etc. Ultimately, I want to use music to pour into people and inspire them, using whatever available resources I have to pay it forward.

Are your songs registered with U.S. copyright office for copyright  protection? 


Who are some of your musical influences? 

Usher, Ne-Yo, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran

Do you engage yourself in any other business apart from music?

Yes- I work at a coffee shop as a barista and love getting to meet the different people that come in and share their stories.

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