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Exclusive Interview With Merlin

Tomorrow being the 23rd day of April 2021, adroit and talented fast rising Boston based songstress Merlin, will be officially releasing her long-awaited new single titled “Code Blue”. While gearing up to release her forthcoming single “Cold Blue” Merlin, made it to Spinex Music daily interview where the multi-talented singer and psychologist shared some pertinent and insightful things about “Cold Blue” and her music career in general.

Fully embracing the internal contradictions that exist within us all, “Code Blue” playfully presents a profound ultimatum: if you can’t love all of me, you can’t have any part of me. The song serves as a reminder for one to always know his or her value, trust his or her gut and finding the strength to always say… it’s not me, it’s you.

“Musically influenced by the likes of Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, and Paramore, while growing up Merlin, is an artiste that you all need to watch out for as she is gearing up to take the music industry by storm with her good vocals and musical prowess. Check out the interview beneath and do well to air your opinion on this interview by leaving a comment in this section beneath.


You have a new single slated to be released in April. Could you tell us more about this forthcoming single and why the title “code blue’?

Code Blue is how this whole song started. I was out for a walk when the sire-like-lyric just popped into my head, repetitively . I wanted to write an empowering dance track that celebrates all versions of women, all of versions of myself. When I was in the studio with my producers (Late Boomers Club), we looked up what it meant and the rest of the song just fell together. Code Blue represents the sirens of incoming heartbreak, that gnawing feeling of “I’ve been here before”. The track is upbeat, just in time for summer and carries a strong message of “I love all of me, even if you can’t. And you can’t have me, if you don’t want all of me.”

Growing up you were drawn to artists like Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, and Paramore. What interest you the most about these artists and which amongst them would you open for if given the opportunity?

That’s such a tough choice! I would gratefully open for any of these artists but performance style wise, I would have to go with Paramore. I’m very active on stage and I wouldn’t mind a stage dive so I think their fans would be ideal! Growing up, I related most to Christina’s deeper voice and vulnerable lyrics, Beyonce’s graceful feminine embodiment and her work ethic, and Paramore’s honest lyrics backed by powerful live performances. I’m attracted to the authenticity and vulnerability of these artists. Consistently, they’ve stayed true to themselves while pushing their limits artistically, sonically and lyrically.They all have elements I’d love to embody in my music and career.

How has the experience that you gained in IMTA helped you as an artist?

That was my first real look at the world of entertainment. It showed me just how much preparation, dedication, and discipline it takes to put on a performance or audition for roles. It also showed me how many moving parts are involved. It mentally prepared me for the journey I’m currently on and I realize now that with the right mindset and the right people by your side, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. When I was younger, it gave me a place to belong to since no one else around me had similar interests. It’s an experience that I keep learning from and I’m forever grateful for.

As a bachelor degree holder in psychology do you intend practicing what you studied in school or you are basically going into music fully?

I’m 100% devoted to music. There’s no plan B. But everything happens for a reason. Looking back, that degree saved my relationship with my mother and started a deephealing process. I love to use the knowledge I gained in my lyrics and song writing process, but I can only see myself on the stage. I’d love to use my platform to speak on issues surrounding mental health.

As an upcoming artist what accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next five to ten years?

I see myself putting out a couple of EPs, music videos and an album. I see myself collaborating with other artists and dabbling in different genres. I’d love to tour around New England as soon as possible, and expand that to a national tour and fingers crossed, international tour. I just want to create as much as possible for as long as I’m called to. I can see myself crossing over into fashion collaborations and also acting. Long term, I’d love to open doors for other women and creatives whether that be by owning a record label or a nonprofit.

Have you released any EP or Album before now? If no, do you have plans of releasing one anytime soon?

Not yet, but my Debut EP is in the works right now. We’re planning to release mid-Summer to early-Fall. There’s a theme and everything, I’m very excited about it!

In the ratio of 5-10 how good is your single ‘I owe you’ compared to the previous one ‘Love’?

As my debut single and the first track I ever recorded, ‘Love’will always have a special space in my heart but comparatively ‘Love’is an 8 and ‘I Owe You’ is a 9. ‘Code Blue’ is a 10! That song makes me want to move!

As an artist, which skills do you have or which have you gained that has helped you perform effectively as a musician?

I’ve always been able to read and empathize with people, so I can easily step into their shoes. If I want to write a song from a different perspective. It’s why I relate so deeply to lyrics. I’ve gained knowledge in how to get into and create from a flow state. I’ve also learned how to take care of and prepare myself mentally and physically to deliver the best performance I can.

Are your songs registered for copyright protection with the U.S. copyright Office?

Not yet, that’s all in process but we have dated records of everything from song conception to final master.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I don’t believe in guilty pleasures because I believe if something brings you joy, you should love it or do it regardless of opinions. But according to all the reactions I get when I play their songs, I’d say my guilty pleasure is blasting Nickle back and unapologetically singing along into some sort of pretend microphone!

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