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Exclusive Interview With Fito Espinola

Latin Grammy-nominated artist, Fito Espínola, recently released his new single entitled ‘Luna’ featuring Enrique Zayas.Oozing with personality Fito Espínola,  invites his listeners to feel, reflect  and connect on a very intimate level on this impressive Latin Pop single ‘Luna’

Be that as it may, Fito is known for his passionate, romantic, and charismatic lyrics that fuses the likes of Latin Pop and Traditional Latin music.In an exclusive interview with Spinex Music, Fito fielded questions regarding his music career, his latest single ‘Luna’ and his personal life in general. Check out the interview beneath.


1. Can your briefly introduce yourself and how you first got into music?

Hi, my name is Fito Espinola, originally from Paraguay but now I live in Miami, FL, and I got introduced to music when I was a little boy. My family all played music—different instruments such as the harp and the guitar. I guess you could say, it runs in the family. 

2. How long have you been making music and what has been your best experience so far in the music business?

I’ve been signing since age 6—this is what I have done, and have wanted to do my whole life, since I was a little baby. There have been so many memorable experiences, but one that stands out is when I was invited by the Armenian government to play on their Independence Day, in front of a live audience of 150,000 people. 

3. What was your reaction when you got nominated for Grammy awards?

Of course any time anyone is considered for a Grammy nomination, it is a happy moment, an overwhelming but joyful moment. 

4. You collaborated with Enrique Zayas on your recent single ‘Luna’. How was the experience like working with him?

It was highly enjoyable—Enrique is a sweetheart. Easy to work with—he brought his energy, voice, and the sound of the harmonica to the collaboration, which makes the sound of this version of Luna special and intimate. 

5. What inspired your latest single ‘Luna’?

There was a girl I met, and I used the letters from her name for the title, which spell Luna. One morning, I woke up, had my coffee at my table, in this tropical setting of blooming mango trees on a beautiful spring day, and the scenery inspired me to write this song because it reminded me of her natural beauty. 

6. You have performed in North America, South America and Europe. Which amongst these continents do you enjoy performing in?

All of these parts of the world have their own unique beauty, people, and energy. It’s hard to pick one of them, because I enjoy them all! I love to travel and I cannot wait to get back to touring!

7. If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?

Michael Jackson, because he was a perfectionist and accepted only the best. 

8. What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

While music is my soul and my life, I also am really passionate about fitness and nutrition, so I would go into that field because I like to take care of my body, mind, and spirit. 

9. You have performed alongside notable artists such as Marc Anthony, Gipsy Kings, Michael Bolton, and Tito Puente Jr.What’s the experience like performing with these artists?

While it is hard work at times, it truly gives you the best feeling of accomplishment. I enjoy working with all of them. They are all so talented and it was truly an honor to perform alongside them.

10. Which artist do you look forward to working with in the nearest future?

I would love to work with Antonio Carmona, Chabuco, Rosario Flores, Rosalía, Plan B, and Bad Bunny. These artists all stand out to me because of their style, sound, and authenticity in each of their particular voices. They are different, in a good way, and I hope that my music is also viewed as different, in a good way! 

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