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Exclusive Interview With Anna Mae

Fast rising alternative pop star, Anna Mae, is making a name for herself in the music scene. The multi-talented singer who was drawn to music at a young age is already writing her name in the sands of time with her numerous achievements. With over 150 different placements on major networks and trailers, including a Toyota Super Bowl commercial, the movie trailer for On The Basis Of Sex, trailers for The Bachelorette (ABC), as well as, music in Orange Is The New Black (Netflix), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), and The Bold Type (Freeform).

Following on from the success of her pervious singles which typified her whole sound and approach; Anna Mae has bursted back onto the scene with another shimmering pop anthem ‘Bond Girl’. The exquisitely addictive new single expertly combines her bold lyricism, and stunning vocals with an immaculately bright and catchy sound. “Bond Girl” is the modernization of the classic 007 icon; an anthem for women to call the shots and talk about exactly what (and who) they want. Written by Anna Mae alongside AJ Pruis (Ingrid Andress, Maddie & Tae, etc.) and produced by Cason Cooley (American Authors, Ingrid Michaelson, NEEDTOBREATHE, etc.).

In summation, Anna Mae on her speedy rise is an artiste that you all need to watch out for as she is gearing up to take over with her great music prowess. With more singles lined up for release and an album expected next Spring, Anna Mae isn’t showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Check out the interview below and be sure to stream her latest single “BOND GIRL” beneath.


How best would you describe your journey into the music career? Would you say that you ventured into music on inherent or passion driven basis?

Pursuing music has been a whole lot of ups and downs but I truly can’t imagine life any other way! I’ve had a passion for music (writing it, singing it, listening to it) ever since I can remember and so pursuing it really is my dream come true.

Your music has been featured on The Bachelorette, Grey’s Anatomy, The Bold Type, Younger, and in a Toyota Super Bowl commercial. How do you feel about this great feat of yours?

Honestly, I still feel mind blown that my music has been on TV and heard by so many people. I’m insanely thankful and really can’t wrap my brain around it most of the time.

‘Bond Girl’ was co-written by AJ Pruis (Ingrid Andress, Maddie & Tae, etc.) and produced by Cason Cooley. How was it like working with these personalities on this project?

AJ and Cason are both such awesome people and so it was lovely working with them on “Bond Girl.” It always feels so special to meet/work with people that are just genuinely great people and also have insane talent to match.

How best would you explain your experience in the music industry so far?

Beautiful, interesting, and for sure different than I expected. Again, there are so many ups and downs and the music industry is such an interesting beast to navigate. But I love that in this industry there are so many possibilities. I find that really motivating and hopeful.

You have an upcoming two-part album, due for release next spring. What should your fans expect from this album?

Through this project, I’ve really tried to create my dream world from the visuals to the music. Lots of dreamy visuals, nostalgia, and unfiltered feelings (which are my favorite!)

“Single-Minded” got debuted on Spotify’s New Music Friday (US, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Netherlands) and reached 20 on Spotify’s United States Viral 50 chart. How was your reaction towards this like?

That felt surreal and really special. I decided to release that song last minute on a whim and so I was blown away by the love that it got. And I loved seeing people connect to a song that is all about feeling confident on your own.

How would you explain the making process of ‘Bond Girl’?

I had the title idea for a little while, which turned into a few lyrics and a chorus melody that I brought to a zoom session with AJ Pruis. He jumped on the idea and totally nailed the vibe and tone of the song. Then I brought in the song to Cason who produced it and we just dove in! Played around with different vibes of what it could sound like and I couldn’t be happier with where it landed.

I love hiking so most days of the week I’m out doing that in the mornings. I’ve always been obsessed with journaling. And I definitely hang out with my friends a lot and I also started learning French this year! So that basically sums up my days outside of music haha

I’d love to see truly equal opportunity for everyone across the board. No matter race, gender, age, religion, phase of life, or anything else. And I do miss the days of people really diving in and listening to full albums! So if there was a way to bring that back, I’d want to do that.

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