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Exclusive Interview: Exploring the Musical Odyssey of Naked Eye

For over a decade, Naked Eye has been a prominent figure in the music industry, captivating audiences with a distinct charm and presence that’s all his own. From his humble beginnings at the age of 14, a moment that sparked his musical journey, to his current status as a seasoned musician, Naked Eye has remained unwavering in his love and passion for music.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into his remarkable evolution from a 14-year-old inspired by a live school event to the accomplished musician he is today. We explore the turning point that led him to shift from a corporate career in Computer Science to a full-time pursuit of his musical dreams. Along the way, Naked Eye shares memorable moments from his career, including the unexpected success of his solo debut with “Run with It” and his incredible experience performing at the SERA Awards in Lagos, Nigeria.

Naked Eye’s South African heritage and the rich, diverse music scene of his homeland have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on his sound, and he reflects on how his background has shaped his music. He also draws inspiration from fellow South African artists like Black Coffee, Kwesta, and more.

As the music industry constantly evolves, Naked Eye shares his insights on staying fresh and relevant while staying true to his unique style. He emphasizes the importance of experimentation and staying connected with DJs who are at the forefront of musical trends, ensuring that his music continues to resonate with audiences worldwide.

Join us on this musical journey as we uncover the intricate layers of Naked Eye’s career, his influences, and his vision for the future of his music. This is an interview that promises to resonate with music enthusiasts and aspiring artists alike.

Your music has a unique charm and presence that you’ve been instilling into the industry for over a decade. How has your journey evolved from when you first started making music at the age of 14 to where you are today?                                                                                                                                            

At the age 14 I was shocked by one live event at school that caused my popularity to go so high, it kinda made me believe that hey maybe this is a cool thing to pursue. In that it started a long journey influenced a lot by other things like the people I gigged with or long hours in the studio and life experiences. That 14 year old guy and this man today have one thing in common . We love and are passionate about music and expression.

You initially pursued a corporate career in Computer Science, but your love for music eventually brought you back to a solo career. What was the turning point that made you decide to pursue music full-time, and how did you make that transition?

Yeah I still do consulting work , as I have been at it for while. Having my own company gave me the freedom do both at the same time. When itʼs time for gigs I can focus 100% on the music and think of anything else.


Many of your previous tracks, such as ‘Summer Days,’ ‘Run with It,’ and ‘You’re the One for Me,’ have received notable attention. Can you share some of the highlights and memorable moments from your musical journey so far?

One thing about songwriting is the torment of waking up in the middle of the night with song ideas, recording them on the phone and trying whisper at the same time so not to make noise lol.After a lot of that I decided to produce my own music solo and my first attempt was with ‘Run with itʼ. I ended up receiving a phone call from some media studio in France for interviews and a whole lot of stuff. It was pretty awesome.

You’ve had the opportunity to perform at the SERA Awards in Lagos, Nigeria. Can you share some highlights from that experience and how it impacted your career career?                                    

That was sooo amazing, everything about my trip to Lagos was just an explosion of woooows. Nigerians respect tradition so much, the event management team asked me to represent my country, so I did just that and designed the clothes to show my South African heritage and wrote the song specifically for the event.When I got to my hotel, by some luck one of the biggest radio station from my city was there in Lagos , they interviewed me right there live which was dope for PR so people back home got to know about my activities away. Stuff like that happened alot on my trip.

Many of your songs have received notable attention. What do you consider your proudest musical achievement so far, and what goals do you have for the future of your music career?

So far I think that I have done a lot of things with my songwriting and production. Itʼs time for something fresh, some experimentation to show other sides of Naked Eye for current and new audiences alike.Sharing these new sounds through gigs at places I have not been before will be pretty cool.

South Africa has a rich and diverse music scene. How has your background and culture influenced your music, and have any South African artists inspired you?

The local sound is aggressively progressing, influencing the world through DJs like Black Coffee and our unique sounds like Mapiano.Guys like Kwesta who featured Wale on his track spirit. A lot of people that I can mention from home.

In the music industry, there are always evolving trends and new influences. How do you ensure your music remains fresh and relevant while staying true to your unique style?

Music changes and itʼs good to keep your eye on whatʼs new. Continuous experimentation helps. What helps me was is to talk to the DJs to hear what they think In overall music direction. They get all kinds of requests, whether they are playlists or just club DJs. DJ are on the streets and thatʼs where things happen.

Exclusive Interview: Exploring the Musical Odyssey of Naked Eye

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