Entertainment’s Gabrielle Alexandra Becomes Youngest Chairwoman in the Nation’s Capitol

Madam Gabrielle Alexandra Smith continues to set barriers. On Thursday, May 23rd, 2021, Madam met with politicians on Capitol to discuss the violence occuring in Nation’s Capitol, also known as Washington, DC.

The Nation’s Capitol is where is where President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris resides, who made history as first black and female Vice President in January’s 2021 election.

Chairwoman Smith currently writes proposals, intiatives, contracts for the district. She is the Chairwoman and Senior Publicist for the Public Relations & Marketing Committee for DC Councilman, Trayvon White, who works close with Nation Capitol’s Mayor.

Madam Smith conducts her work at various parks on Capitol Hill such as Lincoln Park and Stanton Park. Also, Union Station. 

“I attended Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School all on Capitol Hill. It feels great to work on Capitol Hill. Everything is virtual now. I feel so at home.” 

Chairwoman Smith recently released an autobiography about her career as an investigative journalist in entertainment and also personal stories.

Click the link below order her autobiography on Amazon: 


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