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Embracing Cultural Fusion: A Conversation with Rising Music Star, Jaja Morph

Embarking on a journey of cultural fusion and musical exploration, rising star Jaja Morph has been making waves in the music scene with his unique sound and captivating storytelling. With a background enriched by his mixed heritage – a Nigerian father and a Jamaican, Scottish, and Chinese mother – Jaja Morph effortlessly blends diverse influences into his music, creating a flavorful and distinctive sound that resonates with listeners. His remarkable talent has earned him a rapidly growing fanbase and recognition from esteemed platforms such as BBC Introducing.

With an unwavering determination to carve his own path, Jaja Morph is set to leave an indelible mark with his latest single, “My Way.” This Afrobeats track, tapping into his Nigerian roots while maintaining a distinct UK sound, is an irresistible earworm that perfectly captures the essence of the summer season. “My Way” showcases Jaja Morph’s melodic rap flow, accompanied by memorable melodies and an infectious hook that lingers in the minds of listeners long after the first listen. To authentically portray the song’s theme of connecting with one’s roots, the accompanying music video, directed by Aboyi Films, was filmed across various locations in Nigeria, including Banana Island, Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja.

Jaja Morph elaborates further on the track, sharing, “‘My Way’ is about the journey you take to connect, whether that be with a loved one, friends, or your roots. I created the track through a beat that was sent to me and recorded it before embarking on a trip to Nigeria to connect with my roots and family. We were fortunate enough to shoot the video in various locations across the country.”

In this exclusive interview, we delve into Jaja Morph’s artistic journey, exploring the influences that shape his multicultural soundscape. We uncover the creative process behind “My Way” and gain insight into the significance of connecting with one’s roots. Join us as we discover the dynamic world of Jaja Morph and his unwavering dedication to crafting music that transcends boundaries and resonates with listeners on a profound level.


Congratulations on your new single, “My Way”! Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the song and its connection to your Nigerian heritage?

Thank you! I created the song ‘My Way’ after receiving an inspiring instrumental in my inbox. As someone with Nigerian roots, I love contributing to the Afrobeat genre. Fun fact: the name Jaja originates from where my family is from. With ‘My Way’, I aimed to capture the theme of love while promoting exploring your cultural roots. I believe this was achieved not just through the lyrics, but also the music video.

How did the lockdown period in 2020 influence your journey as a rapper and music artist?

Did it provide you with new opportunities or challenges? During the lockdown, many people faced challenges and uncertainty. I found myself becoming more introspective and focused on my creative writing. I had just gotten out of a relationship, I had more free time to explore my hobbies and interests. I decided to invest in my love for rapping, a skill I had kept up over the years but never fully pursued. With social media and other accessible platforms, I was able to share my music and connect with bigger platforms that have supported my growth as an artist.

Your music has been described as a unique blend of cultural influences. How do you incorporate your mixed heritage into your music, and what impact does it have on your sound?

The inspiration for my music comes from my life experiences and the world around me. Growing up in a household with Jamaican and Nigerian cultural influences, I have been exposed to diverse music, food, and fashion. Additionally, having moved around and having friends from different backgrounds, I am able to relate to others on many levels, including through the words, pronunciations, and slang I use. All of these factors contribute to the blend of cultural influences in my music.

“My Way” is an Afrobeats track that combines your Nigerian roots with a UK  sound. How did you manage to strike a balance between these two influences?

Did you face any creative challenges during the process?To be honest, I didn’t face many challenges while writing this track. However, that’s because I follow a set of rules as an independent artist. I don’t write music when I’m experiencing writer’s block or forcing myself to write. It’s crucial for me to be in the right headspace. I write from personal experience and from conversations I’ve had or stories. I believe this approach is why ‘My Way’ has received such a positive response. The message, delivery, and sound are relatable to people.

The music video for “My Way” was filmed in various locations across Nigeria.  Can you share some memorable experiences from the filming process and how it contributed to the overall message of the song?

Aboyi Films and I discussed the concept of our song and agreed that showcasing the beauty of Nigeria through our music video would be a great idea. It is important to educate people about Nigeria’s beauty, and this was the perfect opportunity. We were shooting at midday during the Abuja scenes, which was hot. Luckily I made sure to stay hydrated during breaks.

You’ve been gaining support from BBC Introducing and building a fast-growing fanbase. How does it feel to receive recognition and support from influential platforms in the music industry?

I feel grateful for the opportunities that have come my way. Not too long ago, I was on the outside looking in or listening in at these same platforms, dreaming of receiving recognition like this. Creating music is deeply personal, and having a verified platform acknowledge and support your vision is truly an amazing compliment.

Can you describe your melodic rap flow and how it sets you apart from other artists in the genre?

What do you believe makes your music stand out? Right from the start, you’ll notice my unique tone of voice. As a music enthusiast, I create tracks that touch your soul by drawing inspiration from my personal experiences. My aim is to evoke a feeling when you listen to my music, and this is reflected in everything from the instrumentation to the delivery of my message. This makes for a distinct Jaja Morph experience that stands out from the rest.

As a rising star in the music scene, what are your future plans and aspirations? Do you have any upcoming projects or collaborations that you can share with us?

I have a passion for traveling and meeting new people, and I hope to tour internationally one day. Currently, we are working on a strategy to achieve this goal. An exclusive, heard it here first would be that, we will be releasing a remix project for ‘My Way’ soon, so stay tuned by following us for more details. Throughout the year, we have exciting music collaborations with both new and existing artists, so keep an eye out for more updates.

How do you approach the songwriting process? Do you have any specific rituals or techniques that help you get into a creative mindset?

I work with some producers on a regular basis, but I also receive beats in my inbox from others. I always encourage producers to send me their beats, as I make an effort to listen to everything that’s sent to me. When I receive a beat, I take the time to vibe out and digest it before adding any vocals. I like to visualize the vibe and think about where I can see myself listening to this track. For example, am I at a rave or cruising in my car on a Wednesday evening after work? Once I understand the vibe, the lyrics or melody will come to me naturally.

Lastly, what message or feeling do you hope listeners take away from “My  Way” and your music in general? Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

I hope that ‘My Way’ encourages you to connect with your loved ones this summer and catch a vibe as there is no love without a vibe. Thank you for supporting us so far. If you are new to the Jaja Morph wave, welcome, and we look forward to creating more memorable experiences with you as we continue our journey together!

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