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Edweena Banger Bites Back With Second Solo album ‘Diamond Rocks’

Edweena Banger Bites Back With Second Solo album ‘Diamond Rocks’.Be who you wanna be! Fresh from the recent SOLD OUT Slaughter bite back Manchester gig, Edweena Banger (Ed Banger & the Nosebleeds, Slaughter & the Dogs/Slaughter) brings you ‘Diamond Rocks’ her second solo album. This and the preceding stellar debut ‘Diamonds on tenth avenue’ released earlier this year to critical acclaim – Louder than War – ‘Swathed in a glam pop/punk sheen..Glamtastic’ – are an ode to two inspirational albums which gave Slaughter and the Dogs their name ‘Diamond Dogs’ (David Bowie) and ‘Slaughter on Tenth Avenue’ (Mick Ronson).

Diamond Rocks continues the Story of ‘Diamond’ a trans escort who rises to cult status on the rock circuit after leaving the old profession to join a glam rock band. Self produced, and like its predecessor all songs written and performed by multi instrumentalist Edweena, who yet again shows off her songwriting skills in the trashy pop/rock glam punk style of the New York Dolls/Johnny Thunders and of course the Nosebleeds/Slaughter & the Dogs. Former Eater/Slaughter Bite Back drummer Phil Rowland features on tracks ‘Let’s do it’ & ‘Aladinsane again’.  


Edweena was born Edward Garrity and raised in Wythenshawe, Manchester, at one time, the largest council estate in Europe. Sharing a love of all things Glam with school friend Mick Rossi who went on to form Slaughter & the Dogs. This lead to Ed being a roadie at the Sex Pistols legendary second Manchester gig in 1976, Slaughter & the Dogs being support.

Following this Ed formed The Nosebleeds, and became a fixture in the 1977 punk wars, later being invited by Mick to be part of a new look Slaughter & the Dogs, releasing ‘Bite Back’ in 1980. Confusion, and suppression of who she really was, was a constant, however you learn fast how to bite back with roots like ex football hooligan Edweena’s, and I’m not talking about her hair.

Heartache, and a brain haemorrhage (In 1991 she collapsed on a promo photoshoot on the verge of her big TV break to appear with Mark Lamarr on channel 4’s Access All Areas) all followed, but like another Wythenshawe survivor Tyson Fury, Edweena doesn’t pull any punches.. 

‘We the People must bring down tyranny and oppression whenever it raises its ugly head.’ The message is clear: NO Surrender, NO Prisoners, and NO to buttered scones or other light fancies as Edweena is on a diet.

Edweena Banger Bites Back With Second Solo album ‘Diamond Rocks’
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