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“Drake’s ‘First Person Shooter’ Claims Top Spot on Billboard Hot 100, Tying Record with Michael Jackson”

In a remarkable turn of events, Drake’s track “First Person Shooter” has taken the coveted top spot on this week’s Billboard Hot 100 chart. This achievement not only solidified his dominance in the music industry but also placed him in a league shared by the legendary Michael Jackson, tying them both for the most chart-topping hits by a male solo artist. Notably, “First Person Shooter” is a collaborative effort with the talented J. Cole, and it marked the North Carolina artist’s very first ascent to the pinnacle of this chart.

Drake’s recent accomplishment is just one piece of a much larger triumph associated with his latest album, “For All The Dogs.” This LP made an emphatic debut at the numero uno position on the Billboard 200 chart, amassing an impressive equivalent of 402,000 units in total. A significant portion of this success, a whopping 391,000 units, was attributed to streaming, showcasing the changing landscape of music consumption. The remaining units came from traditional album sales.


When we examine the artists with the most number one tracks on the Billboard Hot 100, Drake and Michael Jackson now share the fourth spot, demonstrating their indomitable impact on the music scene. The Beatles still reign supreme with an astonishing 20 chart-toppers, followed by Mariah Carey with 19 and Rihanna with 14. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Drake’s past seven chart-toppers each enjoyed a brief one-week tenure at the number one position, underscoring the dynamic nature of the charts.

Drake, in his characteristic humility and humor, took to his Instagram Story to note, “‘Sicko Mode’ technically makes 14, but they didn’t count my feature, so we got work to do.” This reference was to his 2018 collaboration with Travis Scott, suggesting that he believes this track should have been included in his tally of chart-toppers, adding to his remarkable achievements.

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