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DeVries is Ready to Kick Off Pride Month With Dance-Pop Track “Just Me”

A rising star in the pop world, DeVries stuns and impresses in her latest single, “Just Me.” Dripping with all the auditory trappings of an instant party favorite, DeVries takes the listener through an eventful night that might end in romance, if the other person agrees that they want this too. The final lines of the chorus, “baby all that’s left is to leave/or maybe it’s just me,” perfectly capture the track’s overall message of wanting something, knowing that the mood is perfect, but being unsure that that’s what the other person also wants. 

This track also does some fun things in the auditory department, with layered vocal effects creating a simultaneously hype and dreamy feeling. Skilled production allows the song to build and fall, keeping DeVries’ voice at the forefront while also balancing house drums and other staples of modern pop. This is sure to be an instant add to your next party playlist. 


The release timing is perfect as summer is just around the corner. “Just Me” will be a staple on any summer 2022 playlist.

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