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Detox From Grey Share New Single – Star In My Sky

Detox From Grey Share New Single – Star In My Sky: Detox From Grey are a rising London-based group consisting of Julie on vocals and keys, Jiwoon on bass guitar and synths, and Marco on drums. The name Detox From Grey refers to the idea of letting go of negative ideas, people, and the past in order to grow. The band’s music is a reflection of this message, encouraging fans to embrace the full colour spectrum of life and make the best out of it.Detox From Grey Share New Single “Star In My Sky”

The band was formed after they met each other at a university in London, with Julie hailing from Denmark, Jiwoon from South Korea and Marco from Italy. Despite their diverse cultural backgrounds, they share a common love for music and a passion for creating something new and unique, as can be heard on their newly released single, “Star In My Sky”.


Delivering dreamy instrumentation and ethereal vocals that will take the listeners on a sonic journey, “Star In My Sky” showcases the trio’s musical prowess. It features an eclectic blend of dream pop, alternative rock and indie-electronica, with the bassline guiding the groove and the laidback sound instantly hooking listeners before the powerful guitar riff takes over. The song is a perfect example of the trio’s ability to effortlessly weave in and out of various colour schemes and moods, delivering a sonic escapade that will keep fans engaged.

Speaking further on the new release, Detox From Grey say, “‘Star In My Sky’ is about a mix of emotions – loneliness, feeling lost, but also refusal to give up on love. Julie started working on the initial demo for ‘Star In My Sky’ during the lockdowns and sent the demo to the rest of the band, which captured that feeling of being lost and stuck – quite literally inside the house. The song came out of nowhere one late night and brought a sense of release to the frustration.”

Detox From Grey Share New Single “Star In My Sky”

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