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Dean Chohan – Got Me Loco

RnB Pop artist Dean Chohan has just released his new single ‘Got Me Loco. The track was produced and mastered by EL Genialista (Ando y Mello, J Appiah) with the music video being directed by Frostbite (Giggs, Link UP TV, GRM Daily, SBTV). Dean is no stranger to the music industry having signed with Virgin Records at the tender age of 12 as part of the teen sensation T.C.O (The Chosen Ones). A few years ago, he opened the shows for the likes of Alicia Keys, Ludacris, 112 and the Black Eyed Peas on their UK tour.

Being from Indian heritage Dean has throughout his career pushed against people’s preconceptions of his music, looking back when he first started, he states that “being an Indian doing RnB wasn’t a normal thing”, during that time neither was being an Indian in the UK music industry, with Dean being one of the first Indian artists to be signed to a major record label. Although much has improved since then it is still uncommon to see mainstream asian artists in the RnB genre, with his new single ‘Got Me Loco’ Dean hopes to change this, showing younger asian artists all that RnB has to offer.  

Got Me Loco’ follows the story of a couple that fall in love quickly, taken from the guys perspective, his infatuation for the women makes him go ‘loco’,  presenting  all the beautiful moments at the beginning of a relationship. The track is part of a story that spans two singles, with the second single titled ‘Money’ exploring how one half of the couple is living a secret life and needs to make decisions for the future of their relationship.  ‘Got Me Loco’ is an eclectic mix of Latino infused music with soulful vocals and an infectious beat that would fill any dancefloor. 

Known for his energetic live performances, Dean has toured extensively throughout America, Europe and Africa, he has featured on a TV advert for Sprite, along with performances on Blue Peter, London Tonight (ITV) and Going Live! (BBC) . A prolific songwriter, Dean has collaborated with the likes of Prince (Black Eyed Peas), Kray Twins and Sticky to name just a few. With all these achievements to date, Dean is on the precipice of hitting mainstream notoriety

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