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DBL X-Posure – Ready When You Are

Identical twins RnB-Pop duo DBL X-Posure has released their new single ‘Ready When You Are’. The newly released song is a soulful love song about a lady who is trying to escape an abusive relationship. A great rap with harmonic vocals. This track is to raise awareness for domestic violence in the home. 

There was so much relief completing this song knowing heartache and pain is conquered by love. So many times women fall victim to abusive situations building barriers around their lives. There is hope which is clearly signified here, the jazzy piano, soothing flute & breathy vocals. All combined with the nightlife city sounds to bring the vibe alive, this lady can be saved if she gives her number to a gentleman who values her love.

Originally a dancing duo, the twins have performed with the likes of Bizzi and Leee John and they have also had the pleasure of being a part of Trevor Nelson Rhythm Nation Tours.Check out the song below

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