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Davy Sage Releases Stunning Afropop – Once Upon A Summer

Davy Sage Releases Stunning Afropop – Once Upon A Summer. Davy Sage effortlessly produces the magic that is only possible by music to make you feel like you’re in another place entirely. Nigeria born but now residing in Canada, this multicultural artist has used his diverse upbringing to fully encapsulate his passions; brought up on afrobeat and pop music, to then exploring 90s hip-hop and the many different genres in between.

This eventually resulted in Davy deciding to try it in the industry and had immediate success as a solo artist, and has shared the stage with stars such as Akon, Wayne Wonder and many more. Alongside features on major Canadian platforms such as CBC as well as many a festival appearance with his unique and uplifting style, it is clear that Sage has a sound that resonates with the many, not the few, and approaches his music with a fun-filled manner that we can all relate to.

Davy Sage Releases Stunning Afropop - Once Upon A Summer

After a string of releases, he now returns with a warm and vibrant collection of songs in the form of his ‘Once Upon A Summer’ EP. The lead single, also with the same title, is a highly exotic and energetic offering from Davy, as he delves into a multiple genre sphere, spanning from Afropop and R&B, to Reggae and Dancehall. The title track is a fun loving and positive song that takes you to that long walk on the beach that we have all been especially longing for in recent times.

Davy Sage’s sound is distinct and certainly cuts through the noise of the every day, with ‘Once Upon A Summer’ providing as an instant singalong, whilst also having an undertone of his musical capabilities and talents, where he has no trouble in finding a melodically flowing and transcendent beat. Alongside the impressive brass section and jazzy guitar riffs, it’s a hugely potent combination and one that will get you off your feet.

Davy Sage Releases Stunning Afropop – Once Upon A Summer
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