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David Austin Goes ‘Cut Hunting’ in New Single

David Austin ‘cuts’ away from adulthood and responsibilities in his retrospective new single, Cut Hunting . Inspired by visiting his hometown during the pandemic, “Cut Hunting” embraces the nostalgia, full of rampant recollections of spirited youth raring for a good time. 

“This song is about searching for secluded locations, ‘cuts,’ away from the watchful eye of parents or authority,” reveals David“These are the places in high school where you could just be yourself and do whatever you wanted. Growing up in Marin County, CA, we went ‘cut hunting’ in the most incredible places – mountains, valleys, Redwood forests, beaches, and of course, the local homes and neighborhoods.”

Inspired by the early works of Bruce SpringsteenDavid Austin expertly creates an ode to adolescence – intertwining fiction and non-fiction in poetic lyricism. The genre-bending artist weaves this euphoric, relatable story into an indie acoustic-based track that extends beyond the singer-songwriter realm, incorporating hints of jazz guitar and roots-rock. 


Cut Hunting


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