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Daniel David – ‘Like Me Too’

London-based singer-songwriter Daniel David delivers an energetic mix of Pop, R&B and Funk with his brand new video for ‘Like Me Too’. The track is already building momentum with over 30k organic streams on Spotify, and more than 12.5k followers across his social media channels. His previous track ‘Me & You’ has seen the support of KISS FM’s resident DJ Majestic, entering his show’s regular playlist for three consecutive weeks. The cheeky London lad breaks genre boundaries and challenges existing stereotypes across the industry, blending musical influences and diverse cultural traditions with ease and infectious flair.

‘Like Me Too’ is an energetic feel-good single, fueled by an infectious R&B flow and uplifting funky beat, that will have people across the globe singing along in no time. Daniel David displays a distinctive singing style and lyrical flow, backed up by a crisp production and catchy instrumentation. The track depicts the all too relatable story of the young singer pursuing the girl of his dreams, blindly hoping that she likes him too. Backed by a vibrant video shot around David’s favourite London spots, ‘Like Me Too’ is a song about innocent love, youthful thrills and positive vibes, and one we all secretly need in these troubled times.

Daniel David dedicates the track to his mum, who had always been his biggest support and inspiration but has been recently diagnosed with dementia: “She was always saying that I would do music, and even if she does not completely understand it now, I know in her heart she will feel it”. Overcoming depression following the loss of his step-father, the rising singer-songwriter aims to become a beacon of hope by producing honest and uplifting music for all of those who are going through tough times and need a little bit of sunshine in their lives. His ambitious artistic projects aside, Daniel is determined to use his music to establish a care home. 

Daniel David’s musical influences cover a wide array of pop, rock and hip-hop artists such as Michael Jackson, Oasis, Marvin Gaye and J Hus, cleverly mixed within his energetic and multi-faceted music. With a highly anticipated video premiere, more music in the pipeline, and an e-book tackling depression soon to be released, Daniel David is quickly becoming a name not to be missed. Follow his socials for further updates.

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