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Charli Fletcher Shares New Single – Pow Wow

Charli Fletcher Shares New Single – Pow Wow: Charli Fletcher is a singer and songwriter from London, UK, who explores different topics in her music. This ranges from body empowerment, protecting the planet, staying strong during trials and tribulations, love, sensuality, and bossing up. Her stance on body empowerment can be heard on her brand-new single, “Pow Wow”.

A song that represents feeling comfortable and confident in your own body, it stands out on first listen. Infused with a hypnotic hook, mesmerizing vocals, and feel-good lyrics, it’s hard not to be completely captivated and drawn in when listening. The track is taken from Charli’s newly released debut EP, Dreaming Reality, and is accompanied by an equally impressive body-empowering music video directed by Charli and Anton Califano. 

Speaking further on the new release, Charli says, “It’s a song that embodies body empowerment but also explores different qualities about me that are not just physical. My friend Imperial No Drama, who is a brilliant producer, sent me the instrumental, and it was called ‘Body Like Wow’. The energy of the beat was very sexy and slow, so I just vibed with it.” “Pow Wow” and the rest of Dreaming Reality are available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

Keep up to date with the latest from Charli Fletcher via Instagram.

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