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Scarlet – The Boy Has To Go

SCARLET is an independent artist, songwriter, producer, and visual artist from South East London, creating
unique content from her bedroom.

SCARLET’s authentic sound which fuses genres such as Electronic Dance Music, Pop, and Rock has brought her thousands of streams across all streaming platforms, interviews with magazines and blogs as well as plays on independent radio stations.

SCARLET’s music explores topics of her life: growing up in London, the troubles she has faced, and just what it means to be young and trying to get through life in peace.

Her latest single ‘the boy has to go is filled with self-confidence, combining grungy hyper-pop with lyrics expressing independence coming out of a situationship with a boy. Described by herself as being a ‘badb*tch, f you’ song, SCARLET is not holding back with this release, with a video following very soon…

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