Bryson Tiller Debuts ‘Sorrows’ Video

Bryson Tiller shares his “Sorrows” in his trippy new video.In his first visual of 2021, the Louisville crooner goes on a journey through time and space, starting in the desert of Egypt. He makes his way across the sandy dunes in pursuit of his love interest before falling down from the sky as time literally stands still.

“Sorrows” appears on Tiller’s latest album Anniversary, which was released in October.Next up, Pen Griffey will headline an immersive concert from a baseball field in his hometown of Louisville. Using a combination of XR technology, state-of-the-art set designs, and VFX, Tiller will bring his Trapsoul and Anniversary albums to life during the performance, which will stream via Moment House on March 18.

Tiller is also planning more drops in the coming months. He recently revealed that the long-awaited Serenity will be a triple album featuring rap, R&B, and pop.


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