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Bryony Dunn Unveils Melancholic Gem “Purified”

Bryony Dunn Unveils Melancholic Gem “Purified”: UK-based indie-pop songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Bryony Dunn is set to captivate listeners with her latest release, “Purified,” taken from her highly anticipated EP, “Spring in The City,” due to be released on August 4th. Influenced by the harmony-drenched sounds of the 70s, reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, and drawing inspiration from modern acts like 1975, Bryony creates a unique blend of pop sensibilities and inventive musicality, resulting in an authentic, accessible, and subtly alternative sound.

“Purified” showcases Bryony’s artistry in all its glory. The track is a vibrant, melancholic sweller that resonates with deep emotion. The elegant melodies and layered vocal harmonies gracefully dance above a rich and sophisticated electronic soundscape. The song embraces a breezy and bright atmosphere, with spacious reverbs, swelling synths, and a deep bassline. It effortlessly transitions from sumptuous verses to an infectious chorus, building up to an explosive climax.

Bryony Dunn Unveils Melancholic Gem "Purified"

As a preview of the forthcoming EP, “Purified” offers a glimpse into the sun-kissed soundscapes that await. “Spring in The City” takes listeners on a journey through Bryony’s unique musical approach, encompassing everything from the blossoms of the forest to the vibrant dancefloors of London and back again. Her style, reminiscent of The Japanese House and Haim, shines through in every note.

Currently based in Tileyard London, where she is pursuing a Masters in Songwriting and Audio Production, Bryony Dunn has already made a significant impact in the industry. Her solo work has garnered over 540,000 streams and generated a passionate following. With radio play on respected platforms like Radio X and BBC Introducing, as well as placements on Spotify Editorial Playlists such as “Lost in The Woods,” “Wholesome,” and “New Pop UK,” Bryony’s unique blend of folk, pop, and indie-rock has caught the attention of music lovers worldwide. Additionally, she has had the privilege of opening for acclaimed artists including Ramin Karimloo, Charlie Dore, Martha Tilston, and Roddy Woomble.

With “Purified” as a taste of what’s to come, Bryony Dunn’s EP “Spring in The City” promises to be a must-listen for fans of captivating indie-pop music. Her infectious melodies, evocative lyrics, and undeniable talent continue to propel her towards even greater heights, solidifying her status as an emerging artist to watch in the vibrant UK music scene.

Speaking about the single, Bryony explains:

“Purified grew from a conversation with my dear friends Grace Jackson and Taka George about a friend of mine who was struggling to let go of the things that were getting them down. The song flowed out of us and became about our own experiences and the experiences of our friends, reassuring each other that life is pure and good at the heart of it. We all need to let go of the darkness we carry, through dancing all night, through swimming with friends in a cold river, through dmc’s late at night on the kitchen floor.”

Bryony Dunn Unveils Melancholic Gem “Purified”
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