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Bree Jaxson – With You (Official Music Video)

Bree Jaxson – With You (Official Music Video): After much anticipation independent American country music singer and songwriter from Baltimore, Bree Jaxson has released the music video for her latest single “with you.Bree is currently deployed to the US-Mexico border as she is active in the Air Force and National Guard. Bree is working as a Director of Operations for Operation Lone Star. While at the border, she continues to make music while serving her country.

Although Bree Jaxson appreciates her many careers, her most special job is raising her two children. We share intimate moments with Bree Jaxson and her children in the music video for her single “With You.” dedicated to her children.

As the video begins, we watch as Bree Jaxson takes the stage. She climbs the stairs of a dimly lit auditorium. Surrounded by empty chairs, the show has yet to begin. She glances around, examining the piano beside her. A light reaches down, illuminating Bree as she begins to tell her story. The scenes transition, just before the show begins. Bree sits and waits outside, at the bottom of a staircase. We watch as her two children run up to her, elated to see their mother. Bree Jaxson expresses her love for them through song. She sings, “When the tears start fallin’/I’ll be there, my darling/When you don’t know what to do/ I’ll be with you.”


A projector plays home videos behind her. The memories she has shared with her children, all captured on video to relive in the moments. Among the crowd of people, Bree Jaxson sings directly to her children. Bree Jaxson glances up at the projected videos, smiling as she watches her children play. The scene transitions, Bree is now looking at herself in the mirror, confirming her everlasting love to her children with the line, “I’ll be with you.”

Bree Jaxson – With You (Official Music Video)

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