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Blackswann Shares New Single “En Secreto”

Blackswann embarked on her creative journey at a young age via the paths of theatre and fashion industries – an overt difference to her current musical and creative avenue! It was during a difficult few teenage years that she went through lots of personal changes and challenges to then blossom as the immensely talented artist she is today. 

EN SECRETO‘ is the hit new single from the impressively, multi-disciplined artist Blackswann and it brings with it a genius fusion of Reggaeton and Latin Pop. The combination of the 3-2 Afro rhythm with the Spanish lyricism and incessantly catchy chorus melody is a rich musical combination; a dense, sonic soundscape with incredible instrumental diversity.

The accompanying music video features remarkable dance routines and choreography perfectly suited to the song’s provocative vibe. Additionally, the video shows us the story of a motionless ‘Funko Pop’ doll coming to life who shares an astounding resemblance to Blackswann herself… It’s a thrilling watch and certainly not one to miss! 

Blackswann discovered music was her sole passion and her songwriting abilities were notably fantastic with the release of her debut single, ‘Lejos de aquí,’ which arrived in 2021 after years of hard work and effort to perfect the track. Blackswann is diverse in the elements of different genres she draws upon with her releases and this wide variety in sounds and timbres is what makes her so distinct as a musician. 



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