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Amaranta Celebrates The Culture Of The Andes In Its Latest Video ‘Mamita’

Following their latest acoustic single ‘Amor Mentira’ comes the new video from Latin group Amaranta, called ‘Mamita‘. This spectacular video celebrates the great history of the ancient goddess of the Andes
‘Pachamama’ as well as motherhood in general. Amarante sings about a tough journey through the mountains while introducing us to beautiful landscapes, locals from the Andes, and shots of the group
performing in these places. ‘Mamita‘ is a modern take on Latino culture, with more than 40K views on YouTube. If you want to celebrate the most up-and-coming musical act in the Andes, check out ‘Mamita‘.

Amaranta, created by music producer and entrepreneur Emilio Mattos, consists of a group of talented musicians, inspired by various Latin American influences and adding modern aspects to the musical works of the popular Andean songbook. With Karina Benites as the first voice and representative image as well as instrumentation such as bass, keyboard, saxophones, and drums, Amaranta brings a new dimension in
contrast to traditional Andean instruments.


The group, which released its first EP in 2016, is part of the contemporary Andean music movement in Peru, accumulating more than 159k monthly listeners on Spotify. They have also appeared at various events including the Peruvian Fiesta 2022, the Canto de Mujer, the Canto de Amor para Mama, the Guadalajara International Book Fair, as well as other concerts at the Municipal Theater of Cusco and their tour held in April 2023. They clearly have already established a loyal fan base, and are only rising in the Latin music scene. You don’t want to miss the dynamic group – Amaranta. 

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