Alex Russo – Emma

Alex Russo - ‘Emma’

After taking a hiatus from the music industry for more than 20 years UK-based Italian singer-songwriter Alex Russo is back with his new heartfelt single ‘Emma’ aimed at reconnecting with a long lost love. 

The track is about ‘Emma’, the first love of a young Alex Russo. Unfortunately, Emma’s mother didn’t approve of their relationship, eventually sending her away to Germany to keep the two apart. Alex says “Needless to say, I was devastated by this news, and despite suffering at the idea of not being able to see her again, she was always in my heart as my first true love and these feelings are the basis of the song ‘Emma’.” Sharing his story, Alex is trying to inspire and get connected with any people who are not able to be together due to family’s involvement. 

After all these years and the tragic death of his long time friend and music partner Don White, who encouraged Alex to not give up on his dream of being a singer-songwriter, he finally decided to write and release the song. ‘Emma’ frames Alex’s soulful vocals beautifully with its whimsical keys and melodic acoustic guitar. 

Inspired by the likes of Neil Diamond, Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie and with an album planned for release in the near future which dives deeper into Alex Russo’s storied past, he is ready to unravel his interesting story to his fans. Follow his socials for the latest updates. 


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