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 Abby Nissenbaum Returns With New Single ‘Limerence’

indie-rock artist Abby Nissenbaum returns with Alternative/Electronic-Pop infused new single ‘Limerence’

The follow up single after the release of her eclectic and explosive debut album ‘Unreliable Narrator’, with ‘Limerence’ Abby continues to demonstrate her ability to craft biting, explosive soundscapes and heartfelt, relatable lyricism. Written alongside producer Steph Trivison, the single is built around punching, 80s inspired electronic beats and a swirling mix of synths and biting guitar tones. Perfectly balancing it’s lo-fi electronics with indie-rock guitar tones and her understated yet silky smooth, spellbinding vocal, the track see’s Nissenbaum lean into the poppier side of her growing repertoire.


Speaking about the track, Abby explains: “‘Limerence’ is a collaboration between myself and pop producer Steph Trivison (as heard on Amazon Prime, The Grammy Awards, The Golden Globes, ESPN, BBC, the Life is Strange video game series, the Care Bears, and more). We wanted to create a modern indie pop sound with throwback elements to queer synthpop bands of the early aughts (e.g., Uh Huh Her). I actually wrote the song on the bass, and Steph sampled the bass line from my demo in the final song, which you can hear as the lead-in instrumental. She built some really cool, bright synth sounds around it and we added in some ghostlike operatic background vocals for an eerie, almost deranged feel to the song.”

A lifelong musician, classically-trained soprano, and musical theatre performer, Nissenbaum pursued a career in social psychology and data analytics before rediscovering her music roots during her time as graduate student at the University of Memphis. Her music has been featured across international outlets including Wonderland, Earmilk, Notion, Clash, Psychedelic Baby Mag and She Makes Music among others. Nissenbaum’s emotive, bright vocal performances pay homage to 60s female rock singers and blend with contemporary indie-alt rock elements to create a compelling and unique sound worthy of the acclaim she is receiving.

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