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A Review Of Hadi Hajilou’s Ep ‘Cheshm Be Rah’

The EP opens with ‘Koja Gomat Kardam’, a slow-tempo ballad that showcases Hajilou’s emotive and soulful voice. The song’s melancholic lyrics reflect on a painful breakup and the memories that still linger. The stripped-down instrumentation allows Hajilou’s vocals to take center stage and convey the emotional weight of the song.

‘Hezar Booseh’ is a more upbeat track that features traditional Persian folk sounds, fused with modern Pop elements. The song’s lyrics speak to Hajilou’s experience of financial struggle and how music helped him through that period. The catchy melody and infectious rhythm make this track a standout on the EP.


The EP closes with ‘Daman Keshan’, a tribute to Hajilou’s mother that has already gained popularity among listeners. The song’s warm and tender lyrics express Hajilou’s gratitude and love for his mother, who he admits he has not seen in a long time. The track’s upbeat tempo and joyful melody make it a fitting closer for the EP.

Overall, ‘Cheshm Be Rah’ is a well-crafted debut EP that showcases Hajilou’s unique blend of Persian classical music, Folk music, and Pop. The songs are well-written, with meaningful lyrics that reflect Hajilou’s personal experiences and struggles. Hajilou’s emotive and soulful vocals shine through in each track, and the production quality is top-notch. The EP offers a glimpse into Hajilou’s talent and potential as an artist, and is a promising start to his career in the music industry.

A Review Of Hadi Hajilou’s Ep ‘Cheshm Be Rah’

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