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American/Israeli Artist, Rvkah Drops New Single “Blind Date” 

Rvkah Drops New Single “Blind Date”: Music comes from deep within one’s soul. For Rvkah, everything else is an accompaniment. Real music does not just come from an instrument, an app, or stuff like that. Those things help the musician express whatever he or she desires to express. Real music comes from deep within. It lives inside everybody and it comes from a place of deep silence. Rvkah has countlessly proven to her fans on how dedicated she is in making her music especially with the release of her new single “Blind Date”.

Born in Florida and raised in Israel, Rvkah is a renowned pop singer and songwriter who has continued to develop her craft since graduating from the Berklee College of Music. She has countlessly charmed her fans with her unique signature.

Rvkah delivers a must hear sound that is enjoyable in every way in the new song “Blind Date”. The artist’s name alone builds a certain level of intrigue that makes you want to hear them, and when you hit play you get something impressive. The creative emotive tone shines with a great Indie Electronic sound that is a match made in heaven with the vocals that deliver with a nice touch of soul, to make you feel the writing that comes to life right before our eyes to give a true experience of music. She goes deep into a dramatic compilation of horrific dates that everyone has gone through at one point in their life or another. “Blind Date” specifically refers to going on a blind date with a narcissist, and all the sassiness that brings out your character. It’s really a satire on narcissism.

Listen to “Blind Date” on Spotify below:


For more information on her music, Follow her on all social media platforms below:

Instagram: @rvkahmusic

TikTok: @rvkahmusic

YouTube: rvkah

Official Website: https://rvkah.com

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