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Exclusive Interview With Fasina

Today, we embark on an exploration of an extraordinary artist whose journey traverses continents, blending diverse cultures into a harmonious tapestry of music. Born and raised in Nigeria within the embrace of a devout household, Sundays resonated with the rhythmic cadence of church melodies, laying the foundation for a lifelong passion for sounds and harmonies.

Fasina’s musical odyssey evolved through legends like Frank Sinatra, the revolutionary path of Fela Kuti, and the timeless elegance of Sade Adu, becoming guiding stars shaping the artistic compass of the individual before us today.

With a recent album titled ‘Freshie,’ Fasina introduces a fusion of influences from the vibrant streets of Nigeria to the dynamic landscape of London. ‘Freshie’ isn’t just an album; it’s a cultural collage, blending rap lyricism and melodic storytelling, resonating with authenticity.

Looking ahead, the horizon promises innovative endeavors as our guest prepares for the next phase of growth. Plans to transform the ‘Freshie’ album into an immersive theatrical experience and community-building initiatives under the brand RCKLS signal a vision that extends beyond melodies—a visionary artist shaping narratives through music.

Your journey has been quite remarkable, from Nigeria to London, creating an eclectic blend of music. Could you walk us through your musical expedition and how it has shaped the artist you are today?

I was raised in a pretty religious household so church was a norm every Sunday regardless of our location. I believe that’s my earliest introduction into melodies & sounds tbh. Over the years I started to develop my own tastes, listening to Frank Sinatra, studying Fela & his journey, Sade adu to mention a few. These are legends I look up to musically.

Your album ‘Freshie’ is creating quite a buzz. Could you share the inspiration behind this album and what you aimed to convey through its tracks?

The album is inspired by my journey through both Nigeria and London. I wanted to create an album that embodies all my inspirations and influences, from the melodies to the chaos right down to the rap lyrical content. I’m a singer on paper but a true lyricist at heart, this has kind of been my whole structure for a while. This album just sets the right tone for where I want my sound to evolve to next.

The latest single from ‘Freshie,’ ‘WAISTLINE’ ft Minz, captures your signature sound. What was the creative process behind this track and collaborating with Minz?


WASTELINE talks on a situationship with a previous lover. One that won’t quite let the other person go and is attempting to keep them accessible. Working with Minz is really effortless so complementing me on this was something easy for him.

Your music has received recognition from various platforms and artists. How do you perceive the evolution of the Afro-pop genre, and where do you see your contribution fitting into this landscape?

I believe Afro-pop is really just afrobeats gone global. There’s been an evolution of the sound from Burna, Rema, Asake and even odumodublvck. I’ve been focused on always improving my sound and quality & tbh I’m not sure where I fit but I’m aware through my collaborations and sound, Fasina pieces somewhere in the global scheme of it.

You’ve been praised by notable figures like Lewis Hamilton and Swizz Beatz. How does such recognition impact your creative process and aspirations as an artist?

I wouldn’t say it impacts my creative process because that’s something that’s very personal and is only altered by God. It definitely provided motivation to keep doing what I do & belief that my melodies and ideas stretch far beyond my immediate vision. The world listening to Fasina songs is the end goal.

As an artist based between London and Lagos, how do these diverse cultural landscapes impact your creative process and the messages within your music?

The mixture of language from English, pidgin and even Yoruba provides a really deep form of identity for me. From being able to switch slangs and find new ways to communicate my experiences on wax, it’s everything to me. I truly enjoy creating every time, even when it gets Difficult.

As you prepare for the next phase of your growth in Nigeria, what can fans anticipate from Fasina in the near future?

My fans in Nigeria are really tapped in to this project and I aim to create a whole experience around this. I hope to turn the whole FRESHIE album into a play with the score being the album & other similar sonics. I’ve started a brand RCKLS which focuses on community building and merchandise here, so we’re growing.

Exclusive Interview With Fasina

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