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24- Year Old Global Journalist Takes Over DC’s and Nigeria’s Underground Music Business

It is no secret about the amount of talent Madam Gabrielle has in this industry. Her connections run very deep in the industry. Her number one mentor used to work for Sony Music. Also, Madam has connections in every industry aside from music. She currently is an Artists and Repertoire and Public Relations Manager under The Big Tyme Show and in partnership with the DC Chapter of the Coalition DJs, she is responsible for talent scouting and overseeing the artistic development of recording artists (singers, instrumentalists, bands, and so on) and songwriters.

Madam Gabrielle is currently in the process of partnering with Nigeria’s Chapter of Coalition Djs just like she did with DC’s Chapter. Smith is definitely in the mix of Who’s Who. 

On Saturday, May 1, 2021, she met with the CEO of the DC Chapter of Coalition DJs. Keep in mind, Legendary American rapper Snoop Dogg is the head of Los Angeles Chapter of Coalition DJs. A list small of American artists that have come out of Coalition DJs are T.I, Future, Rich Homie Quan, and more. 

Her plan is to bring back the music culture of Washington, DC. She is slowly and surely doing it. She just landed two deals with American’s radio station, Power 104.4 FM. Currently, she is on The Big Tyme Show, airing late nights Mondays.

“I wear many hats in the entertainment industry. I have no desire to be a rapper or artist. My main artistry is journalism, interviewing people. I do have a passion for helping people who want their dreams to come true. I cannot promise fame. However, whatever I touch is turns to gold. 

I know what the Coalition Djs want to hear and what they do not want to hear. This is where I come in at. After the first feedback, let me manage you with your delivery, song lyrics, and image. I guaranteed when going back for the next feedback session with Coalition Djs, everything will be different. I have always wantedto help underground artist.

With the deal, you come on my radio show that i am currently co-hosting with Radio veteran Jacques Cartier, and it goes heard on my new talk show in Nigeria, and the United States again. This is a offer of a lifetime. Your music can go international with a snap of a finger.”

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