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24- Year Old Global Journalist From DC Lands Virtual Talk Show with Spinex Music

Madam Gabrielle is taking the world by storm with her music connections and journalism endeavors. Instead of giving her a podcast, she will have a talk show called the Gabrielle Alexandra Smith Show, she will have musical artists come on and also interview regular people as she did college. Smith rose to fame while doing top-level interviews with celebrities all over the world.  

In May 2021, this month the virtual talk show will launch. Spinex is based also in the United States and Nigeria, it is a global company geared toward music and entertainment.

“Since, a little girl, all I wanted was for the world to come together. If I can do this through journalism, then so be it. Merging the world’s top entertainment industries together such as Hollywood and Nollywood is not that hard. I have thought of this while sitting in my grade school classes, as well as college classes with my peers.”

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