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Madam Gabrielle Alexandra Smith Becomes 1st and Youngest to Have a Syndicated Show in Nigeria and the American Radio Industry

At 24 years old, International Journalist Gabrielle Alexandra Smith, who was born and raised in Washington, DC located in the United States of America is the first and youngest American and Black Woman to have a syndicated show in Nollywood, which is Nigeria’s version of Hollywood. In America, she is a part of Power 104.4 FM and also The Big Tyme Show, co-host American radio veteran Jacques Cartier, which is a part of the American Radio Industry.

At 24, in Nollywood, there has never been an American black woman, nor American of any demographic that has a syndicated talk show into different continents. Whoever Madam Gabrielle Alexandra Smith interviews in The United States, their interview will play on her talk show in Nigeria, making it a syndicated show. 

She is also the first and youngest in the American Radio Industry to have a legitimate and professional syndicated talk show in two continents. 

She just broke the following barriers

  • Youngest  & First American Talk Show Host in Nigeria
  • Youngest and First American Black Woman to have syndicated talk show in two continents in both the American Radio Industry and Nollywood
  • Youngest & First American black woman to have a syndicated in Nigeria
  • Youngest & First American black woman to have successful sydnicated talk show in two continents: North America and Africa

These are some of the barriers she has broken:

“My goal is to bridge the gap between the young and old. Aside from the underground music business, journalism will always be my #1 passion and career. I will never leave it, nor will it leave me. I married my career for this reason. It can never divorce me, cheat on me, or look me in my face and lie to me.

I am allowing North America and Africa to have a conversation about current issues in any category. We are going to discuss race, sex, relationships & marriages, love, millennials, children, parenthood, music, politics, and much more. 
Covid has broken up families, so let’s come together on my talk show to help bridge this huge gap between the young generation and the old generation. The young generation believes and thinks one way, while the older generation thinks and believes in another way.

Spinex: Why do you like to interview people?
“I like to get the root cause of people and things. I am not a therapist or psychiatrist or counselor. I just love to talk about issues and analyze them.

Spinex: Do you have a deeper reason?
“I see who I could have become if going the wrong way or right way.” 

Spinex: How did the syndications come about?
“I was sitting in my living room and said to myself, ‘I can just play the interviews on my talk show with Spinex in Nollywood on The Big Tyme Show and vice versa, playing my interviews on The Big Tyme Show on the show that I co-host with radio veteran Jacques Cartier.’

I said again, “This sounds like a syndication.”

A Nigerian gentleman said, “You are the first and youngest American in the continent of Africa and North America to do it successfully.”

Madam Gabrielle gained worldwide recognition by unexpectedly releasing a compilation of stories on Facebook and Instagram, which became her debut memoir, Herstory.

“The memoir is currently paused. However, it will continue shortly. Click and scroll for the pictures of my interviews. There is a story that goes with every interview photo.”

Herstory, written by Madam Gabrielle Alexandra Smith is currently streaming on Facebook and Instagram.

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