Presley Tennant is All In with New Single “Gamble On You”

Gamble On You – Presley Tennant wagers her queen-of-hearts in new single “Gamble On You,” releasing March 25. With powerhouse vocals that reflect her fearless personality, all bets are off as the 19-year-old songstress shows strength and courage in delivery and lyricism. 

“‘Gamble On You’ expresses the feeling in the beginning of a relationship of uncertainty of where things will lead, trying to basically read their mind to figure out if it was going to end up good or go no where.” says Tennant“The song has a very sultry feel that I think matches the same thoughts as one may be feeling in that moment in time.”

Written solely by Presley Tennant“Gamble On You” is the first release the young artist feels she had the largest influence in – from lyrics to melody and even music video concept and directing. 

Pre-save “Gamble On You” now on Spotify and Apple Music: For more on Presley Tennant, including her tour schedule, visit and follow her @presleytennant on Instagram. 


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