Tin Man Fall – Black To Grey

After breaking through last October with their stunning debut single, ‘Beats On The Bottom’, the emerging Vienna-based group, Tin Man Falls, returns to unveil a rich and alluring new effort in ‘Black To Grey’. 

The first in a string of 2022 releases, ‘Black to Grey’ is a groove-driven, Indie Electronic song that combines the warm and euphoric mood of their last single with rich, shimmering guitar hooks and stacked, harmonised vocals to create a captivating aesthetic.   

Hidden within the sparkle is a message about growth and change: “This song is about not getting trapped in who you think you are or how things should be,” says Joseph Robinson, the frontman of the project. “It’s about opening up to change and the ambiguity that brings.”


​​Tin Man Falls is an indie electronic project by singer Joseph Robinson, in collaboration with producer Felipe Scolfaro Crema and multi-instrumentalist Edo Mjusik. Based in Vienna, Austria, their infectious creations fuse chill grooves and memorable hooks with a pop sensibility. 

Inspired by artists like James Blake, Justin Timberlake, and Chet Faker, TMF’s music explores the intersection of meaning and pop with approachable songs that invite reflection. Growing up in an artistic desert, struggling to reclaim your truth, teaching yourself how to flourish: these themes are the heart of Tin Man Falls and a welcome message for our times. 

Their highly-anticipated debut album has been supported by Österreiches Musikfond and will be released by Singodd Records in November 2022.

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