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Suave – Changes

It’s almost become a theme to be expected to be an all encompassing artist in today’s world, but with UK born now Cincinnati based multi-instrumentalist Suave, it is brought to the next level. He is a completely self taught artist, in all aspects of the word; producer, singer, songwriter. With all of these strings currently equipped on his ever growing and expanding musical bow, as well as a plethora of material already released over the past few years and some impressive listenership amassed on Spotify, this young artist sets his sights on his first body of work, in ‘Changes’.

The self titled lead single from the EP is the signature sound that Suave has created, all through his production and DIY honed craft. Having the condition of synesthesia, he also has the gift of being able to see sounds and represent them as colours and emotions, all painting the story of how he personified his offering. It’s a unique blend of hip-hop and pop enthused beats, taking influences from household names such as Jeremy Zucker and Teflon Sega, with a smoothness and guile that comes alongside. And with Suave’s swooning vocals sitting effortlessly on top, this makes for a hugely potent and addictive sound that will keep you on a constant loop of alt-pop goodness.

This EP is also an outpour of Suave’s personal life so far and the journey he has taken to get to the point he is at now. As an everyday, hard-working artist who has wanted to make it in the industry from the off, he has realised over time that success won’t come overnight and not everything is just handed to you. It’s wise beyond his years; and with this atmosphere, flooded with soul and personality, that he has implemented into his music, it will be no surprise that this song and record will be one to be reckoned with.

Speaking more on the meaning behind ‘Changes’, Suave explains:

“This song represents the realisation I had only after being in such a bad place for so long. Success doesn’t just happen. This song speaks of that important moment in my life that changed how I write, how I work, how I promote myself and my drive to be heard has only increased since that day. That is what this song means to me.”

Photo credit: Lindsey Tatman

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