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So Kindly shares ‘The River’.

Bursting back onto the scene in 2021 with an exquisite new single that expertly combines his empowered attitude, bold lyricism, and stunning vocals alternative-pop singer-songwriter So Kindly shares ‘The River’. 

Emerging out of the vibrant Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, So Kindly presents a sound that lands comfortably between electronic-influenced dance music and indie-folk. So Kindly’s lush and warm

arrangements parallel his positive energy-laden melodies, resulting in a sound that is as unique as it is charming. 


Since the release of his first EP ‘Warmest Place’ in 2017, So Kindly has captivated our ears and hearts with his raw lyrics and immaculately bright, catchy sound. Now, he makes his return with ‘The River’. Speaking more on the release, he explained: 

The River deals with the painful yet beautiful reality of being a human. Sometimes we find ourselves at a fork in the road of our lives. That moment comes with hard emotional decisions that need to be made. This track is about that decision-making process internally and emotionally. Sometimes we have to cut ourselves some slack and accept that we are not always in control of the way things pan out.

So Kindly looks to 2021 with positive energy as it’s set to be a huge year for the singer-songwriter. He is prime to hit stages once again with an all-new storming set of soul-stirring songs, with his sights set on the stratosphere. With ‘The River’ set to drop on May 28th 2021, we’re expecting big things from So Kindly this year.


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