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Separate Ways by Journey – Karine Hannah Cover

Karine Hannah’s lyric video for the 1983 hit “Separate Ways” by Journey is an experience. The video clips are a great accompaniment to the lyrics on-screen to show the full story of the song. Pop cover queen, Karine Hannah’s lyric video of “Separate Ways” is out now on VEVO. Click here to view. 

“It’s not easy taking a song from an artist that has one of the greatest voices in pop history. Steve Perry is one of the greatest and I knew that even though I am a female vocalist there still will be comparisons and many opinions. In this particular song, I decided not to steer too far from the original because in my opinion you just don’t tamper with perfection, but I did put what I called the Karine isms into it.” – Karine Hannah 

This lyric video for Karine Hannah’s cover of Journey’s “Separate Ways” brings a new dimension and depth to the rock classic. Hannah’s gorgeous voice is allowed to take center stage, and she heightens the mournful yet hopeful lyrics of the track. Clips of different couples going through times of joy and despair and heartbreak really accentuate the song’s central message of leaving loved ones with the knowledge that love will come for both of you in time. Having the lyrics right on the screen allows the viewer to meditate on the song’s central message, especially when there aren’t any loud rock riffs fighting over the vocals. 

 The most impactful scene from the whole video is where we see a couple going through relationship counseling. The husband and wife argue, with the wife finally twisting her wedding ring off her finger and walking out. The husband gives the off-screen counselor a forlorn shrug–this is the most literal display of the song’s title and is sure to be relatable to many who have experienced divorces in the past. 

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