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Sam Paige Featuring Cory Singer “I’ll Be Love”

Popstar Sam Paige reenters the music scene by collaborating with singer/songwriter and social influencer Cory Singer in new song “I’ll Be Love.” Using a stunning mesh of EDM-inspired elements and acoustic guitar, this track brings a fresh and unique blend to the pop genre. The heart of the lyrics reminds us that even if “you’re down feeling hopeless” or if “fear is the anchor on your shoulder,” you are loved, and your loved ones will always be there to lift you up. 

Along with Paige’s crystalline voice shining through, Singer helps elevate this track as their two harmonizing voices uplift the song to another level. His rich, theatrical voice melded with Sam creates a truly unique and engaging listening experience. This is sure to be a must-add to any dance party playlist this Summer. 

Singer had this to say about their collaboration: “It was an honor to work with Sam. She is a bright light, great energy and although she is fairly new to the music industry she is a real professional in the studio. It was a fun project and I love being on her track. It’s a great song.”

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