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rxlph Shares New Single -Night Before last

Rising hip-hop/R&B artist rxlph has returned with his new single, “night before last.” Hailing from Rockland County, New York, rxlph has had an impressive run over the past few years since bursting on the scene in 2018. An independent, self-made artist, he’s already accumulated millions of streams on Spotify alone thanks to popular tracks such as “resentment.”, which was released earlier this year, and “night before last.” looks set to be another success and keep his momentum rolling.

“night before last.” is a dark and atmospheric track that stands out immediately with its strong melodies and moody ambience. The track is elevated further with an equally compelling music video directed by SageWolf that captures the mood and vibe of the song perfectly.


Speaking further on the new release, rxlph says,“‘night before last.’ captures this push and pull relationship between not only you and the person you want but also between you and the person you’re searching to become. I don’t like to tell too much about my records, but to me it’s the external battle we all face and the internal battle we all try to ignore.”

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