Ruguru Drops Awaited Debut EP – Ruguru

Ruguru Drops Awaited Debut EP – Ruguru. It’s no secret that Ruguru has come in to shake up the music scene in Kenya. Her dedication to her craft combined with her stellar work ethic had her work tirelessly to create her first EP titled RUGURU. She has sampled various genres in her 7 track EP and those who have had the privilege of listening to the songs are simply blown away by the songstress’s talent and versatility. 

The song bird explores her vocal and lyrical range with each and every track, and gives you a deeper understanding of herself with each carefully scripted lyric

Ruguru Drops Awaited Debut EP - Ruguru

 “Simply put, RUGURU is all about, being true to who you are and having fun while at it.’’-Ruguru
Judging from her previous releases, “no love” a hip-hop track and “Blessings” a motivational Pop single done earlier this year, Ruguru’s talent and versatility is unmatched. Ruguru will be taking center stage, for the first time, at K1 Klub House this Friday 16th July 2021 at 3pm, where, she promises to give an electrifying performance, alongside Kahush, a hip-hop god and Meryl Paige, a singer songwriter, who will grace her stage.

Ruguru Drops Awaited Debut EP – Ruguru

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