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Nuria – All We Dreamed

Nuria is Tasmanian born Anna Maynard, with the name deriving from her childhood meaning “Fire of the Lord”. This speaks of passion, boldness and captures a spirit unhindered by the constraints of growing up, and Nuria certainly brings and embodies this whole meaning and feeling to her music.

A seasoned artist and performer, Nuria has had to juggle her music alongside her professional calling as a doctor, where she has always had a burning desire to make her passion of music her ‘day job’. Her music is soulful pop ballads that speak volumes about her personal experiences growing up, heartfelt anecdotes alongside a stunning vocal has resulted in a hugely potent combination.

Having released her debut album on 2020, most artists would usually sit and admire their own achievement of releasing their first body of work, but not Nuria, who has immediately returned to the fold with the wonderful

‘All We Dreamed’.

A figurehead for many others, this song speaks to people who may have lost their sense of purpose in these dark and difficult times that most of us have faced over the past 12 months. Nuria captures this effortlessly, with a swaying melody that smoothly runs its course throughout, and the chorus is simply stunning. Her lyrics “it’s been so long we rarely see, all we have is all we dreamed of” are hard hitting and true, with the production building and coming into full effect and transition, making it an absolute delight and pleasure to listen to. 

With plans to release yet another album in 2021, it is more than evident that Nuria has never been more motivated to sing her song and make her mark. 

Elaborating on the inspiration behind the beautifully arranged ‘All We Dreamed’, Nuria explains:

‘All we dreamed’ charts the evolution of love, and how in the chaos of everyday life we can lose sight of the fact that perhaps all we have is all we dreamed of. This passionate, ballad of love brings focus from the mundane, onto what is beautiful and to be cherished.”


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