A Review Of Hadi Hajilou’s EP ‘Cheshm Be Rah’

Hadi Hajilou’s ‘Cheshm Be Rah’ is a captivating EP that showcases the artist’s exceptional talent as a musician and composer. The EP consists of three tracks, each of which showcases Hajilou’s exceptional vocal abilities and his ability to blend modern Pop elements with traditional Persian folk sounds. The tracks are rooted in Persian classical music, but also draw on a variety of other musical influences, including jazz, blues, and rock.

The EP ‘Cheshm Be Rah’ is a powerful and emotional reflection on different aspects of Hadi Hajilou’s life. The first track, “Koja Gomat Kardam”, immediately draws the listener in with its haunting melody and intricate fingerpicking. Hajilou’s playing is virtuosic, and he effortlessly weaves together complex rhythms and harmonies to create a rich tapestry of sound.’Koja Gomat Kardam’ is a raw and emotional reflection on a painful breakup. The lyrics are powerful, and Hajilou’s delivery is captivating, drawing the listener into the emotion of the song.

The second track ‘Hezar Booseh’ is a more upbeat, introspective, and contemplative piece that showcases Hajilou’s versatility as a musician. The track builds in intensity, with each new section adding a new layer of complexity and emotion. The track is anchored by a driving rhythm and a playful, almost whimsical melody that is both catchy and complex. The track takes listeners back to a time of financial struggle in Hajilou’s life. The emotion behind the lyrics is palpable, and the melody of the song kept him going through the difficulties.

The EP closes off with the third track ‘Daman Keshan‘, which brings the EP to a close with a sense of hope and optimism. The emotional delivery of the song is complemented by the track’s fusion of modern Pop elements with traditional Persian folk sounds. The track features a lush, orchestral arrangement that perfectly complements Hajilou’s delicate and nuanced playing. The track is buoyant and lively, with a driving rhythm and a catchy melody track that is a beautiful tribute to Hajilou’s mother.

Overall, ‘Cheshm Be Rah’ is a well-crafted EP that showcases Hajilou’s exceptional vocal abilities and his ability to blend different genres of music. The Ep is a very impressive and engaging EP that showcases the artist’s exceptional musicianship and his ability to create a diverse range of moods and atmospheres. The EP is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates intricate and expressive instrumental music and is a testament to the enduring power of Persian classical music. The EP is available on Spotify and is definitely worth a listen.

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