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Music Review: Tigs Takes The Spotlight with ‘On Seen’

In a musical landscape where genres continuously evolve and blend, emerging artist Tigs steps into the spotlight with his amazing track, “On Seen.”The newly released single, “On Seen” by Tigs featuring Emy Zaluzna is an eye-opener to a new age of music that has not been heard in a long time. Tigs put his skills as a DJ in the mix to let his audience know he means business. This song can make a person anxious in the moment of listening to it. The upbeat tempo makes you get up on your feet and want to do something. This would make a good workout or fitness song.

The song opens with a catchy and rhythmic beat, instantly setting a vibrant and energetic tone. Tigs’ smooth and confident vocals effortlessly flow over the instrumentation, creating a captivating atmosphere from the start.

Musically, “On Seen” features a well-produced arrangement. The blend of electronic and organic elements creates a dynamic and polished sound. The beats are skillfully crafted, providing a solid foundation for the song while allowing Tigs’ vocals to shine. The production maintains a balance between a modern sound resulting in a unique sonic texture.


For a moment while listening to the song, my mind went into a mindset of completely fast beat and fast-paced thinking. The sound and lyrics that Emy Zaluzna does are good. It is hard to make out what she is saying. Also, the lyrics are not found anywhere online. And if they are, it is hard to find them. So, when listening to the song, it is best to listen to it closely. A person might have to replay for song a couple of times to feel the full vibe of the song. This song would be great at a rave. One notable aspect of the song is Tigs’ delivery and vocal presence.

In terms of structure, “On Seen” follows a conventional songwriting formula with verses, a catchy chorus, and a bridge section. The song’s structure provides a good sense of progression and allows the lyrics and melodies to unfold naturally.

From a technical standpoint, the recording quality of the song is excellent, with each element of the track well-balanced and mixed. The overall production quality is professional, highlighting the artist’s attention to detail.

Overall, “On Seen” by Tigs is an impressive track that combines infectious melodies, and a contemporary sound. Tigs’ charismatic vocal delivery and the well-crafted production make the song a memorable listening experience. It has the potential to resonate with a wide range of listeners who appreciate modern hip-hop and R&B music.


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