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Multi-instrumentalist ADLR Releases Latest EP – Very Sophisticated

Multi-Instrumentalist ADLR Releases Latest EP – Very Sophisticated: Multi-instrumentalist, singer, and Electronic musician ADLR releases his latest EP ‘Very Sophisticated’. mixed, produced and mastered by ADLR, the dynamic four-track EP spans genres, focusing on French House, NU-Disco and Indietronica with the lead single ‘Won’t Let This One End’ taking centre stage. 

‘Won’t Let This One End’ takes on the unpredictability of being young and dating in NYC and the constant fleeting feelings all in the pursuit of finding one that lasts. With a cycle that can be mentally draining, the track advocates living in the moment and staying present as a way to ensure “this one” a chance to last. The music reflects the mood ebbing and flowing throughout, incorporating electronic and analogue elements seamlessly with smooth lead guitar sections and funky basslines entangling with electronic drums and pads that frame the vocals perfectly. 

ADLR on the EP “Sonically, I’ve been inspired by the music scene in brooklyn, and wanted to incorporate some of the more metallic sounding elements I’ve been hearing at a lot of the techno-focused clubs in the area. At the same time, I wanted to combine that vision with my vocals and funky guitar/synth style. “Very Sophisticated” as a name is meant to be taken ironically. I’ve always felt a lot of pressure to put more effort into creating some sort of brand image behind it to try and stand out. This is me going overboard, which is a theme for the EP in general.”


Multi-Instrumentalist ADLR Releases Latest EP - Very Sophisticated

Brooklyn-based ADLR (Will Adler) has previously seen support from the likes of Magnetic Mag, Acid Stag and P3 radio. His catalogue to date has amassed over 1 million streams across DSP’s and has DJ’ed extensively throughout New York. His live performances are a unique experience where he produces his tracks with live instruments on stage at some of New York’s most legendary venues, including Mercury Lounge, SOB’s, The Cutting Room, and many more.  

With more tracks in the pipeline and plenty of upcoming shows, you’ll be sure to see a lot more of ADLR in the coming months. Follow his socials for the latest updates. 

Multi-Instrumentalist ADLR Releases Latest EP – Very Sophisticated

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