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Exclusive Interview With Lisa Ramey

In the world of music, there are artists who don’t just sing songs; they share their hearts, their stories, and their very essence through their music. Lisa Ramey is one such artist, and her latest single, ‘Vagabond,’ is a testament to her ability to weave her personal experiences into her music. In this exclusive interview, we delve deep into the creative process, inspiration, and emotions that make ‘Vagabond’ a standout track in Lisa Ramey’s career.

“Thank you and thanks for having me! My inspiration was the sexy zombie lol,” Lisa Ramey begins with a playful tone, immediately setting the stage for a candid and enlightening conversation. She reveals that ‘Vagabond’ draws its inspiration from personal experiences with love and loss, where she encountered individuals she affectionately refers to as “sexy zombies.” These encounters, though challenging, have birthed a song that’s both captivating and relatable.

Lisa Ramey’s music is a testament to her versatility and her ability to seamlessly blend genres such as R&B, pop, and soul. She explains that genre-blending is not a calculated choice but rather the natural expression of how she hears and feels music. It’s a reflection of her soul, and she pours it out unreservedly.

‘Vagabond’ carries a powerful message about one-sided relationships, and Lisa Ramey explores this theme with insight and honesty. She believes in taking lessons from these experiences rather than dwelling on losses, and through her music, she hopes to empower listeners to realize their own strength and the importance of self-love.

Her journey to national recognition began on NBC’s ‘The Voice,’ where she sang alternative rock in front of millions. Lisa Ramey recalls John Legend’s impactful advice, which led her to embrace her authentic self and sing from her heart. Her journey on ‘The Voice’ has shaped her musical style and provided her with invaluable industry connections.

Join us in this exclusive interview as Lisa Ramey unveils the emotions, experiences, and soul behind ‘Vagabond,’ inviting us to share in her journey of self-discovery through music.


Congratulations on your new single, ‘Vagabond.’ Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the song and what it means to you personally?

Thank you and thanks for having me! My inspiration was the sexy zombie lol I’ve dated a few men who sucked the love and life right out of me just to leave me high and dry to return to their vagabond ways. Not a fun time for me but at least I got a fun song out of it

Your music has always showcased incredible versatility, blending genres like R&B, pop, and soul. How do you approach genre-blending in your creative process, and what led you to explore this mix in ‘Vagabond’? 

Genre blending is the way I hear music. I’ve been influenced by so much music my whole life that I find it restricting to play with only one genre in a single song. What you hear is how my brain enjoys music. I don’t think of genre blending, I just pour out my soul. 

‘Vagabond’ carries a theme of one-sided relationships. Could you share a bit more about the message you’re conveying in the song and what you hope listeners take away from it?

 No losses, just lessons. I did not enjoy dating sexy zombie vagabonds as much as I thought I would. Once I learned they will gladly suck the love, life and finances from me and never return my kindness with anything but needing more, I gained power. My power was understanding I can’t control a vagabond’s heart. I can’t control how someone feels and why am I trying to? Realizing this has kept me off the path of the sexy zombie and now I date very sexy non vagabond men. Learn the lesson and move on!

The production of ‘Vagabond’ has a unique jungle beat element. Can you tell us about the creative process behind crafting the sound for this track, and how the beat influenced the song’s overall vibe? 


That jungle beat is powerful! We started creating after hearing it. The beat felt so good but needed a stank element. Somethin nasty… so we added saxophone. It’s almost as if the beat told me what the song is about. “I should have never thought that you was comin home” poured out of my mouth so naturally. We fell in love with this beat immediately. It prob took us 20 minutes to write the song

You mentioned dating experiences that inspired the song’s lyrics, referring to some individuals as “sexy zombies.” Can you elaborate on this term and the personal experiences that shaped the lyrics of ‘Vagabond’? 

 These sexy zombie vagabond men are constantly wandering around in search of their next target and once they’ve sunk their teeth in you, they’re not that easy to get away from. They’re charming and super manipulative. Mine moved in with me and eventually stole my apartment. Another of mine said he loved me for years but turns out he “loved” LOTS of women while “loving” me. Beware of the sexy zombies! 

Your music has often been described as a fusion of past traditions and future innovation. How do you strike a balance between honoring musical traditions while pushing the boundaries into the future with your sound?

 It’s easy because it’s all I hear!  My brain is a melting pot of musical genres, traditions and training. It helps that I’m a “mood.” My feelings play a big role when I write so we can blame those. If it feels good, no matter what’s happening musically, I go for it.

You gained national recognition through NBC’s ‘The Voice’ and have since continued to build a successful music career. How has your journey on ‘The Voice’ influenced your musical style and career trajectory?

 I got on that stage in front of millions of people and sang alternative rock. It felt so good that I haven’t stopped. John Legend told me “you don’t have to do all that” and it changed my life. He was talking about the way I was singing. I thought I had to hit high notes, sing perfectly, make myself sound different and he simply said “just sing”. I can be myself. Mind. Blown. As for my career, it will always help to be on America’s favorite tv show! It was an incredible opportunity where I got to meet so many amazing people in the industry who have all helped me since I left the stage. There are a lot of great people working on that show and I feel blessed to have met them all

‘Vagabond’ is just the latest in your impressive discography. What can fans expect from you in the near future? Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations you’d like to share with your audience? 

Great question. My zombie music video for Vagabond will be out on Friday October 6!! I’m releasing another single in a few weeks that I believe a lot of people will relate to. And a really fun thing on my mind is how I want to get back out in front of people and start performing live again. It’s time to hit the road! 

In addition, besides your music, you’ve also become known for engaging live-stream performances. How have you adapted to the changing landscape of live music during the pandemic, and what has that experience been like for you as an artist? 

I released my first album “Surrender” in March 2020. I went from planning a massive release show to three people in a studio in Brooklyn. How many of us thought the pandemic was a personal blow from God? Turns out, I’m thanking God for all I was able to achieve during that horrible time on earth. I hired the smallest production crew (2 ppl) and partnered with TWITCH to stream my release in the studio and ended up having over 4,000 people watching!! I was able to reach way more people than I would have reached if I had done my live show release in the city. Once I saw that reach it was game on. I threw myself and my music at every livestream I could. I was one of the first live streams out there so I had an advantage. I went for it 1000% and was able to perform with incredibly successful and famous celebrities from my living room. What a world

Lastly, could you share a bit about your artistic influences and the artists who have had the most significant impact on your musical journey? How have they shaped your unique style and approach to music? 

Tina Turner. This business will knock you down and out most of the time. It is our job to pick ourselves up, usually by ourselves, and get back in the game. Most people will never understand the road to music success. I’m still learning myself. Tina Turner is the perfect example of keeping going when you’re all alone and have nothing else to give. She is everything I want to be and more!

Exclusive Interview With Lisa Ramey

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