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Aisha Badru Releases New Single ‘Inside’

Aisha Badru Releases New Single ‘Inside’: Nigerian American singer-songwriter Aisha Badru has released a new single titled “Inside,” which is a heartfelt tribute to self-love and self-appreciation. The piano-based composition is produced by Chris Hutchinson, who has worked with Badru on her previous releases. The single is accompanied by a soulful video directed by Laura-Lynn Petrick, featuring the graceful choreography of Nyda Kwasowsky, who has worked with Badru before in “Lazy River.”

“Inside” is a stunning addition to Badru’s upcoming EP titled “Learning to Love Again,” which is set to be released on June 2nd via Nettwerk. The track is an uplifting ode to self-discovery and personal growth. Badru shares that the song is inspired by the realization that true love begins with loving oneself. She explains that “Until you love yourself, you won’t really know what true love is.”

Badru’s music is often a reflection of her personal experiences and struggles. She uses her art to process difficult emotions and experiences and to offer comfort and guidance to her listeners. She believes that her purpose is to share her story and to help others navigate their own journeys of healing and self-discovery.


Badru’s music has been widely acclaimed and has garnered millions of streams. Her work has been recognized by NPR Music, Okayplayer, The Line of Best Fit, Afropunk, Ones to Watch, Noctis Magazine, Get In Her Ears, Nothing But Hope and Passion, and other prominent media outlets. Her music has also been used by brands such as Volkswagen to enhance their messages.

What sets Badru apart as an artist is her ability to distill complex emotions and experiences into simple truths. Her music is powerful yet beautiful, and it resonates with listeners on a deep level. “Inside” is an intimate and moving tribute to self-love and acceptance, and it serves as a reminder that our journey toward true love begins with ourselves.

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