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Jared Brady Shares New Single “Pick A Side”

Jared Brady, the rising Los Angeles-based star renowned for his soul-infused melodies and heartfelt lyrics, has once again captivated fans and music enthusiasts worldwide with the release of his latest single, “Pick A Side”, which features Zalasia. On this new track, Jared masterfully combines an infectious topline with a poignant theme, showcasing his unmatched ability to infuse authenticity into his music.

Jared Brady’s journey in the music industry has been nothing short of extraordinary. From his unexpected freestyle session with the legendary Talib Kweli, to catching the attention of Rodney Jerkins with his hit “Enjoy Ya Life”, which garnered over one million organic streams, Jared has solidified his position as an artist with an ardent and dedicated fanbase. His foray into directing and editing, exemplified by his work on Tito Jackson’s “Love One Another” music video, further underlines his multitalented prowess.

With the release of “Pick A Side”, Jared continues to push artistic boundaries while maintaining his signature style. The song is an irresistibly catchy tune that exudes a sense of joy and positivity, making it an instant earworm. As Jared puts it, “To me, this song feels like a great time.” However, beneath the lively surface lies a profound narrative exploring the complexities of a toxic relationship. Through the song’s verses, Jared delicately unveils conversations with a romantic partner, delving into the painful territory of discovering infidelity. The juxtaposition of the upbeat production with the weighty subject matter creates a captivating and relatable experience for listeners who have encountered similar emotional challenges.


Jared Brady’s ability to seamlessly blend lighthearted melodies with thought-provoking themes is a testament to his artistic maturity and innovation. He skilfully invites listeners to explore the layers of emotion within his music, encouraging a deeper connection with his work, and his knack for crafting songs that resonate on both musical and emotional levels is evident on “Pick A Side”. “Pick A Side” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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