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ION Expresses Individuality & Determination On New Single ‘1 of 1’

ION Expresses Individuality & Determination On New Single ‘1 of 1’: Emerging Indie-Trap talent ION is the moniker of London based Jon Sadiku, whose origins are in Kosovo. His music seeks to explore creative themes with a unique blend of witty lyricism and dreamy soundscapes. ION is now back with ‘1 of 1’, a bold, yet delicate Hip-Hop track which treks through a wash of airy synths under his chilled delivery. 

‘1 of 1’ propels the listener into an atmospheric tapestry, painted with thoughtful beats and a rhythmically unique flow. ION continues to draw a distinct connection between the pulse of rap, and the edge of ambient trap, dominating the narrative with his outstandingly creative vocal patterns. ION touches on the significance of being yourself, fundamentally focusing on the core elements of who we are as humans, and how we can channel this into driving wisdom, and continuous progression. 

A large amount of his upbringing was spent navigating through the mountainous region of Kosovo known as Brezovica. It is this environment that has influenced the way he thinks and his process when it comes to shaping sound, the new video for ‘1 of 1’ is an ode to this period of his life, filmed on those very mountains. To this day he is still an avid hiker/climber, which is an ardor of his that continues to inspire his art.

Talking about 1 of 1, ION explains.1 of 1 embodies the idea that there truly is only one of you (hence the name). That’s why being yourself is such an important thing to embrace, because that is what will ultimately get you through the coldest of times and over the largest of mountains.” 


With a flurry of tastemaker press coverage in the likes of Earmilk, Notion and 9bills, ION has presented himself as an exciting up and coming talent with a lot of promise for the future.

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