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Hueston Returns With New EP Orbs

The former frontman of the Indie/Alternative-duo, The Blancos, songwriter and producer Cory Hueston, is a breath of fresh air. Fans have grown restless since The Blancos last studio release and it’s honestly just in time. Cory has since shifted his Energy and set his sights on his very first solo project, Hueston.

After one of the toughest years, Hueston emerges like a phoenix from the ashes with a six song EP that will take you on an emotional ride. Orbs is the culmination of Immersed self reflection, overcoming trauma and facing what scares you most. With songs like Eyes Bleed Water that on the surface speaks of a codependent relationship and a hurtful breakup but in reality encapsulates all the things we

Desperately hold on to thinking it’s for the best when they’re only hurting us more. Orbs, the song that names the EP, comes along with a message of embrace. The turning point when some light starts shining through but emphasizing the importance of darkness. To go through the journey you have to visit the darkest place, the most forgotten corners of your mind, the scariest experiences you need to face in order to wake up from it all.

“To get through it, you need to go through it. Orbs is the moment the sun starts peaking, that moment when the sunrise begins” – Cory Hueston.Orbs is produced in collaboration with Todd Spadafore and recorded at Love Potion Studios.

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