Madam Gabrielle Alexandra Smith Lands Interview with International Award Winning Paris Actor

Spinex catches up with Nigeria’s Investigative Journalist Gabrielle Alexandra Smith. Madam Smith is also a part of Hollywood, which is a part of America’s film industry. Again, she also belongs to India’s entertainment, which is called Bollywood.

Spinex: What changes do you hope to accomplish in Nollywood?”I want to change how Nigeria is presented to the world. There are some miscommunications and stigmas.”

Spinex: You have been landing music and entertainment interviews aside from working in America.”Yes. I have an upcoming interview in Paris. Because of the pandemic, it will be virtual

I will do a full story with International Award Winning actor, Alan Delabie. Spinex: It is an honor to speak with you. “Thanks. The interview will feature information about how he conquer the world through acting and entertainment. I enjoy doing full stories. There are a lot of people’s stories that need to be heard.

Spinex: You are right. Your interviewing style has changed how Nollywood looks at interviews. After your interviews with us, the interviewees contacted us back and felt honored. You are getting a standing ovation and positive comments from Colombia, Poland, and the United Kingdom.


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